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Do you want a way to boost your revenue before the end of the year?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts can work in some businesses but if you are an expert and don't want to discount and devalue your products and services. I have good news for you!

You CAN boost your sales before the end of the year without discounting and I am going to show you how.

I recently did a 20 minute no fluff presentation for a Facebook group of over 70,000 business owners sharing these strategies and due to the great feedback I have decided to do an encore presentation. In just 20 mins I will show you three ways for you to boost your sales before year end in the Year End CASH Booster Masterclass on Wednesday, November 30th at 3pm ET

You CAN generate more revenue without discounting

and I will show you how !

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No thanks, I am going to continue discounting...

You can create a cash flow boost before the end of the year 

  • Even if your competitors are charging less

  • Even if you don't have extra time or money to invest in more marketing

  • Even in 2022 with inflation and economic gloom and doom predictions

The three strategies I am going to teach you work in any economy, are simple to put into action and are free to implement.

Let me take you back to the last recession... I was a coach with Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes for their first Business Mastery event (Gary Vaynerchuk was an unknown speaker who shocked the crowd with his fast talk and F-bombs). The event cost $10,000 and business owners were heavily screened before attending but even these successful business owners were worried about the economy. During the five day event Tony said something that had a HUGE impact on me and how I served my clients (I will be sharing what he said and my breakthrough) and made me realize that I had to get creative and help my clients get more out of less. I will be sharing THREE of the easiest and fastest ways to generate fast cash that don't involve discounting or spending more on your marketing. These are PROVEN strategies that I will be sharing with you in the ...

Year End CASH Booster Masterclass on Wednesday, November 30th at 3pm ET

This will be an NO FLUFF 20 minutes with Q& A for you to ask me anything!

And these strategies will work for you even if you feel like you've tried everything.

My clients have:

  • Increased their sales 48% in one month

  • Generated a 10k increase in one month in their usually slowest month

  • Gone from $1500 packages to $9600 packages

Don't waste any more of your time with discounts

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Here’s What Some Of My Clients Say About Working With Me

"A shout out to Stacey Hylen (The Business Optimizer) who worked with me to encourage me to 'speak'; she held me to deadlines; she gently pushed me out of my comfort zone! Without her, I wouldn't have doubled my business over the last year. Thank You Stacey!"

-Diana Lidstone

The Entrpreneur's G.P.S

"Working with Stacey as my marketing coach, I increased sales by 178%.

That is even more amazing when you consider it was at the depths of recession. The return on investment from the coaching has paid for itself many times over."

-Don Norwood

President, High Definition Logistics

"I found $93,000 in hidden profits, and I can’t wait to implement them all and watch my success skyrocket next year, and all of these hidden profits come to fruition."

-Sue-Anne Hickey,

About Stacey Hylen

Stacey Hylen is an internationally recognized business growth strategist, coach and author.

She served as Vice President of Consulting and a Senior Coach for Chet Holmes’ and Anthony Robbins’ world renowned Business Mastery Program and was named International Coach of the Year in 2016.

Stacey helps 6-7 figure entrepreneurs Add a Zero to their business WITHOUT the hustle.

She is the author of the soon to be published book, Hidden Profits: More Clients & Cash. She is the creator of "The Hidden Profits System”

When she is not coaching, she enjoys reading, paddle boarding, boating and spending as much time as possible at her lake house on Lake Winnipesaukee with her husband, three daughters and speedy Vizsla puppy.


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